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Conference Locations

Local Registration and Information

Our local registration desk is available to you for all concerns regarding the conference:

  • Monday, Sep. 8th in the morning before the tutorials at the tutorial location
  • Monday, Sep. 8th at the Welcome Reception
  • Tuesday, Sep. 9th to Thursday, Sep. 11th at the conference venue


The tutorials (Mon. Sep. 8th) are held on the RWTH main campus. Tutorial 1 takes place in room 530 in the new RWTH Service Center Super C at Templergraben 57, 52062 Aachen and Tutorial 2 in room 101 in the seminar building Semi 90 at Templergraben 90, 52062 Aachen (these new buildings are not yet on satellite maps).

Welcome Reception

The P2P'08 Welcome Reception (Mon. Sep. 8th) is held above the rooftops of Aachen in the foyer of the Forum M at Buchkremerstraße 1 - 7, 52062 Aachen.

Conference Venue and Technical Sessions

The technical sessions (Tue. Sep. 9th - Thu. Sep. 11th) take place on the RWTH main campus at the lecture hall Fo4 in the Kármán-Auditorium at Eilfschornsteinstrasse 15, 52062 Aachen.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner (Wed. Sep. 10th) takes place at Aachen's city hall in the Krönungssaal, the hall of imperial coronations, at Markt 1, 52062 Aachen.

The conference dinner is sponsored by


Internet Access

The conference venue, all University campuses, and large parts of the city center feature Wi-Fi Internet access. We will gladly provide all tutorial and conference attendees with the necessary access information at the registration desk.


You can find hotel rooms at a wide range of attractive rates throughout the city center of Aachen on the hotel map and book them via our Hotel Reservation page. The listed hotels hold dedicated capacities for P2P'08 until six to four weeks before the conference and we recommend booking rooms early. If you would like to share a hotel room with other participants, please use this poll to contact other attendees.


You will receive hard-copy maps of Aachen for the conference and you can find them online (provided by Aachen Tourist Service):


With its well-preserved historic city centre, the impressive cathedral, and its significance to the past and present of Germany, the city of Aachen offers many opportunities to explore and enjoy.

City tour

We want to invite you to join us on a city tour on Thursday evening. However, for organizing guides, we need a rough number of interested participants. We would therefore like you to register for it.

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